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  1.1 Japan Financials is a service providing electronic news and information on Japanese companies. Subscribers to this service agree to be bound by all terms of this agreement.
  1.2 Japan Financials reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue any part of this service, to impose limits on certain features and to restrict access to any or all features without notice.
  1.3 Japan Financials reserves the right to change at its sole discretion the terms of the subscription agreement. Subscribers will be informed of any such change by posting of notifications on the service.
  1.4 Subscribers who find any changes of the subscription contract unacceptable may cancel their subscriptions by sending electronic mail to Japan Financials. However, all payments are nonrefundable. Should subscribers take no action for two weeks following notification of changes in the agreement, it will constitute acceptance of those changes.

  2.1 Japan Financials may store information provided by subscribers as part of the registration process.
  2.2 Japan Financials has the right to provide information on usage and demographics to third parties, but not in forms that disclose subscriber identities or any personal information about individual subscribers.
  2.3 Japan Financials may deliver to subscribers by electronic mail information related to the service such as changes in contents or features, unless the subscriber advises Japan Financials not to do so.

  3.1 Subscribers to this service agree to pay subscription fees decided by Japan Financials. . All payments are nonrefundable.
  3.2 Japan Financials reserves the right to change fees and/or payment terms upon advance notice. The changes apply to new subscriptions and renewals of service after notification.
  3.3 Only the subscriber may access the service. Japan Financials reserves the right to cancel the access of any subscriber who allows use of his/her account by a third party.
  3.4 The subscriber is responsible for all fees and charges required to access the service via Internet service providers or other third parties.
  3.5 Japan Financials reserves the right to terminate or suspend any subscription if any part of the subscription fee should not be received by Japan Financials for any reason, including but not limited to the fault on the part of credit card companies.

  4.1 All contents of the service are the property of Eagle Enterprises Ltd. and protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and conventions. Contents of the service may be displayed, copied and printed only for personal, noncommercial use by the subscriber. The subscriber agrees not to reproduce, retransmit, sell, publish, broadcast or distribute in any form or by any means contents of the service.
  4.2 Japan Financials antee of the accuracy of the contents of the service, which may include facts, other than the accuracy of the translation, not the underlying Japanese original language
  4.3 LIQUIDATED DAMAGES. Any use of the data provided by the purchase of data hereunder for non-personal or one time commercial use. Commercial distribution of this data, in any format, whatsoever, including, but not limited to, via "links" "framing" etc over the internet or other data distribution formats, will result in liquidated damages amounting to $2,000 PER COMPANY REPORT. Those seeking such distribution rights are free to contact use for commercial licenses

  5.1 Japan Financials and Roderick Seeman accepts no liability responsibility for delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the contents of the service.
  5.2 Japan Financials/Eagle Enterprises Ltd cannot and do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any part of the content available through Japan Financials. Japan Financials/Eagle Enterprises, Ltd.., are not liable to anyone for any loss or injury resulting from use of the service, or for delay or negligence in posting of content. Japan Financials/ Eagle Enterprises, Ltd accept absolutely no liability for any decision made or action taken on the basis of Japan Financials content and will not be liable for any damages even if informed of the potential for damages. The subscriber agrees that any liability of Japan Financialse/Eagle Enterprises, Ltd. Roderick Seeman connected in any way with the service and its content does not exceed the amount paid by the subscriber to use Japan Financials for the six months preceding any event giving rise to such a claim.

  Japan Financials, Eagle Enterprises, Ltd. reserves at its sole discretion the right to terminate or suspend any subscriber's access to the service for breach of the subscription agreement.

  This subscription agreement is made in Denver, Colorado, USA and shall be construed and enforced solely in accordance with such law. Should any dispute arise out of or in connection with this agreement, the courts of Denver, Colorado USA shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

  Japan Financials, Eagle Enterprises, Ltd., Roderick Seeman


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